Reflections on Simulated Existence.

This exhibition challenges us to examine our relationships with technology, evoking feelings of fascination, apprehension, exhilaration, and disorientation, posing the ultimate question: in our swift descent into the digital abyss, have we gained more than we've lost?
Simultaneous real-world exhibit in Toronto with Goat Studio art and Tokyo with NoxGallery. The first show of its kind, featuring digital art from top NFT artists worldwide.

The Drop, curated by Vini Naso and Marimosphere is live on Foundation App.

Featured Artists: Vini Naso, Victor Fota, The Same, Smearballs, Serge, Sasha Katz, RWR2, Runbo, NewColossal, Mr. Bumpy, Fesq, Clara Bacou, BOVK, Arice, Maheen, Nude Robot, Yeseong, Marcelo pinel, Mirai Mizue, Jason Scuderi, Yukari, TOKYOLUV, Shintaro Karino, Pak, Ryogo Toyoda, Nekodo. D, Nagafujiriku, Nakane Arisa, Marimosphere, Denjin K, EM!, Blossom, Akibe, Airu-Chan, Salar Sahu.
July 20 - July 27, 2023


2-44-12 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, 
Tokyo 1510063, Japan

OBJX Gallery - Goat Studio
100 Symes Road Unit 200A,
Toronto, ON M6N 5C9, Canada

Narcissus' Obsession - Vini Naso

Fake 04 - Arice

The (Living) Room - BOVK

Crying Dragon - Clara Bacou

Dissociative Environment - Fesq

Disconnected - Maheen

The Magic Music Library - Marcelo Pinel

Blue Light - Mr. Bumpy

Portrait Pal - NewColossal

Shape Shifter 01 - Nude Robot

Shape of the Heart - Runbo

O Não Pertencimento - RWR2

Side Effect - The Same

Whispers - Sasha Katz

The Vivid Therapy - Serge

Party - Smearblls

Tech Soup - Victor Fota

Fog Protect You - Yeseong

Mindset Liquid Fusion - AIRU-CHAN

TsuTsuMaMa - Akibe

Rage run - N-ARISA

Laundry room 999 - BLOSSOM

NatsuNatsu Eden No. 1 - Denjin-K

Edo Electra - EM!

NAMELESS - Jason Scuderi


AIDENTITY - CYBERPUNK2023/C - Marimosphere

Walking on Dark Streets - Nagafujiriku

Orientalism - Nekoko

Monster Parade 2 - Ryogo Toyoda

Central Excitatory Action by The Moon - 𝓈𝕙ⒾήᵗΔŕ𝕠 𝕜𝔸Ř𝔦ήⓞ


Jiga-zou efen #ids - Yukari

WONDER #02 - Mirai Mizue